Starting in January of 2015 we are PROUD to offer a DYNAMIC Weekday pricing model. Dine with us!

Monday’s 30% off your entire food bill.

Tuesday’s 25% off your entire food bill.

Wednesday’s 20% off your entire food bill!

(Not valid with any other promotional offers, valid any Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday )

Braising Theme

Thursday, February 19, 2015
Starts at 6:15
By reservation only 24 hours in advance please

Recent Updates

And you save 20% on your entire food bill as part of our Dynamic Weekday Pricing, each and every Monday thru Wednesday!

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Every Tuesday means you save 25% off your entire food bill!  Reserve at

Posted 4 days ago | link

Monday's mean 30% off the entire food bill at both King Street Trio Uptown or King Crab Oyster Bar!  #howabouttonight!

Posted 5 days ago | link

A stroll Uptown and then some great steaks! We open at 5PM. #howabouttonight

Posted 6 days ago | link

So our AAA Ontario Filet Mignon with all the fixings is only $22.40.....Rack of Lamb is only $30.80 reserve now!

Posted 11 days ago | link

Why not venture out for a Rack of Lamb and beat the weekend crowd! #howabouttonight

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