Starting in January of 2015 we are PROUD to offer a DYNAMIC Weekday pricing model. Dine with us!

Monday’s 30% off your entire food bill.

Tuesday’s 25% off your entire food bill.

Wednesday’s 20% off your entire food bill!

(Not valid with any other promotional offers, valid any Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday except in the month of December)

Holiday planning starts now!

Contact us via email for ease Brian Plouffe or Alex Philpott If you wish to call please do so. We can plan parties from 6 to 60 and will open for lunch for groups of 25 or more and you get a private venue!

We are ready to serve you and your guests a fantastic party you will be proud to have hosted!
Recent Updates
King Street Trio Uptown is open for lunch starting at 11:30 for December 17th, 18th, 19th and 22nd. Drop by and share in the festivities!
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Christmas dinner at lunch begins tomorrow at 1130. Reserve online at

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Our Gift Cards mean the Gift of an Experience. Drop by and grab a gift card any time after 2 PM daily! #howabouttonight

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After a little shopping Uptown why not swing by King Street Trio Uptown for a Rack of Lamb #howabouttonight

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Why not swing by for a great dinner after work or some Christmas shopping. #howabouttonight

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Half priced appetizers until 9 PM because it is Monday

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