Starting in January of 2015 we are PROUD to offer a DYNAMIC Weekday pricing model. Dine with us!

Monday’s 30% off your entire food bill.

Tuesday’s 25% off your entire food bill.

Wednesday’s 20% off your entire food bill!

(Not valid with any other promotional offers, valid any Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday )


Thursday, May 21, 2015
Starts at 6:15
By reservation only 24 hours in advance please
See Chef Karl clean a whole salmon and prepare the following for you and your guests!

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Tuesday night means our great food is 25% OFF. #Dynamic Weekday Pricing

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You've made it to Victoria Day week end. Come celebrate with us! #howabouttonight

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Wednesday night means 20% OFF your entire food bill with our Dynamic Weekday Pricing #IONbiz #howabouttonight

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Rivel's Edge is tonight at 9:30 PM.  Call us for last minute tickets, we have just a few left. #howabouttonight

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